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Here Dwells The Naked Squirrel

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Only child, born and raised in Chicago. Wild in spirit, somewhat tame in manner.

Have been to Canada (family/friends), England (family/friends), Scotland, Italy, Australia (family/friends), Hong Kong (and a day in Macau and China) - hope to someday continue my journey, so many places I'd love to visit.

Currently adrift but coping, have no idea what the next phase will be or what I want to do but I keep working on that. Constantly evolving.

Some things that define me: Curious about most things, wonders about everything, ever thinking, often annoying, stubborn and temperamental, talks to animals, prefers the country to the city, practical but imaginative, good in a crisis, twisted sense of humor, sort of shy.

Music and books are my obsessions - I have too much of both and will never have enough time to enjoy them all. Prefer reading fiction but do enjoy history, science, nature and travel writing. No boundaries on fiction and music.

I prefer vinyl to CDs, paperbacks to hard covers.

Long time lover of comic books, manga and cartoons.

Top bands - Japan, Duran Duran, The Beatles, Queen, The Church

Top guys - David Sylvian and Nick Rhodes

Favorite slash fandoms - Duran, Japan - but am willing to read ANY good slash.

In 2004, I discovered the joys of writing and also discovered Duran Duran. I have since written several slash (male/male relationship) fanfiction stories which can be found at duran_stories, moderated by alannahjoy and co-moderated by me.

I also love the band Japan and write slash fanfiction stories starring them, these can be found at japan_stories moderated by ladyxenax and co-moderated by me and maldeluxx.

Both these communities have slash fanfics written by many talented writers.

I also write non-fanfics and dabble in poetry. Because I wanted a place to share those, and for others to share the bounty of their imaginations, from writing (any kind - other fandoms (slash or het), original fics and poetry) to photography to essays to drawing (or whatever), I created the community planet_art, which is co-moderated by alannahjoy.

Last but not least, there's leppard_stories, a site for Def Leppard fanfic moderated by alannahjoy and co-moderated by me.

If I think of anything else, it will find its way here.